Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  What kind of crazy adventures did you get into today?  We took Z down to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder for the Munchkin Parade.  I almost ate him beforehand, though, because he was so dang cute in his little punkin costume.  At said Munchkin Parade, participating retailers set up booths along the walking-mall with treats galore.  It’s unfortunate that the hubbers is fundamentally against candy…I felt guilty every time I nabbed a treat for myself on behalf of Z.  How can one resist a little fun-sized pack of DOTS?  Or a bite-sized Milky Way?  Or, perhaps, a fun-sized pack of Peanut M&Ms?  COME ON, YUM!  Also, as we were a little lame this year in coming up with costumes for ourselves, I dawned (yeah, I have no idea how to spell that) a full-on wetsuit, my water shoes (I’ve had ‘em since the 7th grade and it may’ve been that long since I’ve worn them), and a pair of goggles as my costume.  D wore a fabulous goofy wig.  I had to pull the top down on my wet suit because I got so hot.  At least we were attempting some sort of festive-ness.  Oh, and walking in a wet suit on dry land– interesting noises.  I’m pretty sure the wet suit costume beats my crappy “bunny” (read: playboy bunny) costume I made a few years ago that included a pair of ears, a short skirt, and pink fishnets.  Don’t get too excited about the fishnets; it really was a lame costume.


  1. Laura says:

    Oh I see what you mean about that lil punkin. My goodness, what a cutie pie. PUNKIN pie. :) Glad you guys found some fun family festivities (AND CANDY!!! YUM!).

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