It’s Baby Video Time!!

Today I’m going to share a ridiculous home video with you to make sure that our video capabilities are up and running.  Or, more accurately, to make sure that I can figure out how to post a video on my blog.

I thought I’d share this particular video in case you were under the assumption that stay-at-home-momming is both exciting and glamorous.  Being mom and baby together all day is a lot of wonderful (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) things, but glamorous or exciting are usually not my top two descriptive adjectives.

Also, apparently, I have become my middle-school choir teacher.  Which is just beyond weird.  Note how I say several random words in a sing-songy voice.   Yep, that, in fact, is me.  Have I always done the sing-song thing?  Don’t answer that.

It may not be glamorous or exciting all the time, but it’s my livelihood.  That little munchkin carries my heart with him everywhere he scoots, pulls up, falls, or otherwise babies around.


  1. Laura says:

    Yes yes yes oh yes. Thanks ever so much for posting this. And, as you might say if you’re a Middle School Music Teacher and/or Theatre Geek, “please, sir, can I have some more!?” And I understand and agree, glamorous is not the descriptor I’d use either–and i feel I can say that, truly and honestly, after being pooped on myself by that adorable youngster on more than one occasion (and my own hubby agrees on that note). and yet, somehow Z has not lost his charm. Neither has mom-hood. J, you make it seem OH-so-much more than glamorous. (Besides, glamour is overrated.) The incredible, special amazement I feel from watching both of you and Z grow together is…indescribably wonderful. And I do find it exciting, even if it doesn’t always seem that way (understandably, too). But someone once told me that the best memories he had of being with a parent weren’t necessarily the “big” events, but just the parent being THERE, being together…you’re doing that, which is in its own right exciting. Being able to witness a teensy bit of that special-ness through the magic of video and technology is GREAT (especially for those of us who can’t be there in person). So, thanks as always for sharing. Love.

    • jessiea says:

      Haha. You are the best, my friend. And you’re right, watching him grow and growing myself, is definitely exciting (sometimes :) ).

  2. Mom (gramma) says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with our lovely Laura. Staying with, living with, watching, teaching, protecting and enjoying being a “stay-at-home” Mom is the most unsung job in the world……yet also the most REWARDING. Can you imagine not being there for his firsts? I’m so lucky to have you and your family so close that I can visit on a regular basis. I wouldn’t give it up for the world>
    Love you all!

    • jessiea says:

      Sometimes I can imagine not being there of late…I can understand why some moms do need to work to keep their sanity and be a better mom when they are with their littlies. But for now, I am definitely content where I’m at, and I’m glad I made the decision to stay home for this part of Z’s little life. Love you, Mama :) .

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