On Blogging

Oh, hello, YOU.

Perhaps I’ve been neglecting my blog lately because I actually feel a little ambiguous right now about its existence.  I hold fast the reasons for which I started blogging- mainly to share my story of new motherhood  because, hot damn, it’s transformative and surprising in so many ways, and I just knew other moms must be able to relate on some level.  And also, I love writing, always have…I’ve always kept a journal.  And, embarrassingly, even as a ridiculous, love-lorn, insecure teenager, I wrote in my journal as though someone would actually read it some day, and care.  I say embarrassingly because I’ve actually gone back and read some of my musings…whoa.  Let’s just leave it at that.  But blogging is definitely on some level a type of journaling for me; it captures the every-day much in the same way as journaling.

And then it turned out that I fell madly, head-over-heals in love with my baby, and to me, he was (IS) so incredibly, deliciously cute.  So I would share many an image of him so that you, dear reader, could indulge in the cuteness with me.

And then I learned a LOT about blogging and “social media.”  ”Social media” goes in quotes because to me, blogging was originally about writing and connecting; I was clueless about Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and the various other social media platforms upon which bloggers are meant to be incredibly active.

And then I remembered my novel.  A novel that started a few years ago, and is still in me, waiting to be written.  And writing it, workshopping it is…creatively fulfilling.  Tweeting, Pinning, and Facebooking are not as creatively fulfilling.  Please don’t get me wrong, I do not mean to bash the world of social media in any way whatsoever.  I do love the aspect of connecting with others, and there are many a blog that I love to read.  It’s just that getting wrapped up in all of that stuff, and learning about monetizing my blog, and self-branding, is distracting, and yes, I do think on some level it cheapens the process just a little.

And then one day my husband saw that a blogger gained lots of popularity for posting a video of her children online.  And he wondered out loud to me if I thought maybe she was exploiting her kids in some small way by using their cuteness as a catapult into a successful blogging career.

And then I wondered about the pictures and videos I post of my son on this website.

And then I halted.

Because I’m just not sure anymore about where this blog is going or should go, and where my family and I fit into it.

In the meanwhile, I’ll continue taking my sweet time pondering it, and enjoy the cuteness of Z, and enjoy working on my novel.

Please know, though, that no matter what happens, I SO appreciate your support and readership.  Thank you.  And, if you celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Deb says:

    Totally with you on the social media thing not being very fulfilling creatively. I just want to write. I also feel ambivalent about the whole blogging thing. But I really enjoy writing… so….

    My husband suggested I write a “mission statement” about why I am doing this. And it might not be to get the most followers or to have a “career” blogging, or to hawk products for companies. I don’t know – I thought this could help you, too. Happy writing.

  2. KyFireWife says:

    Sounds like you need a break!

    A year or so ago I was having the same types of feelings about social media in general (although, like you, I don’t really think of blogging as social media). I decided to take a break from all of it. After a few weeks, I came back to blogging. A couple of more weeks, I came back to Facebook. A few more weeks, and I decided to drop the various message boards that I had been participating in. (I didn’t have Twitter or Pinterest at the time, so no question there).

    In the end the break helped me gain a better perspective on my online experience. What was important to me, and more importantly, WHY. I came back to my little online community renewed, and ready to go, knowing which aspects of social media I wanted to participate in, which I could take or leave, and which I was better off dropping.

    Whatever you decide, if we hear from you again, or not.. . I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

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